Our production plan for sonic logging pipe

Time: 2019-03-01
Summary: We have several sizes of sonic logging pipe on line for production.
Our Production Plan for the first week of March
Now the following sizes are on line:
Sonic Tube:50mm*1.0mm 50*1.5mm 50*1.8mm 50*2.0mm 50*2.5mm  50*3.0mm
           51mm*1.2mm 51*1.8mm 51*2.2mm 51*2.5mm 51*2.75mm 51*3.2mm
Grouting Pipe: 25*1.5mm  25*1.8mm 25*2.0mm 25*2.5mm
From Mar 3, we will produce 53mm,56mm, 57mm and 32mm.